Date Posted
3rd Feb 2017

Grading System

Whanake Rangataua Karate has a grading system that allows all karate-ka to proceed through levels, ranks or grades, signifying their growth and development.

Advancement depends on enthusiasm and spirit, focus and commitment, style and technique and how often you train.

Since all students are individuals with different potential and rates of development, one student cannot be compared to another.  Karate progress is individually paced and therefore it is not mandatory for karate-ka to grade.  No student should expect to grade every time.

With regular focused training and practice it takes about 5 years to earn a black belt (Shodan-Taegu).  

​After attaining "Shodan-Taegu" it may take longer (or less) to reach Shodan (1st Degree) depending on how often you train, your age, and your mental, physical and spiritual (self) development.

Whanake Rangataua Karate Porirua hold gradings twice yearly.


"In the dojo students continue to work on the basics, kata, and kumite right through to black belt and beyond - practicing and perfecting these techniques and skills as they grow in confidence and self-development." - Sensei Daniel McGill