About Us

Whanake Rangataua Martial Arts was established over 40 years ago by its founding members here in Aotearoa, New Zealand.  Whanake Rangataua emerged as a result of numerous key people coming together with a common goal – to assist and uplift those who were oppressed, disadvantaged or marginalized by the wider community and society.  These people chose karate as a living expression of life, art and sporting activity.

Its history however goes further back to it’s origins in Japan.  Whanake Rangataua Martial Arts is based on the karate style of Shotokan (Kenkojuku), incorporating basic yet highly effective blocks, kicks and strikes.

Shotokan karate is a discipline of traditional Japanese karate developed from various disciplines of Okinawan karate for the purpose of making karate accessible to anybody and everybody.  The "Kenkojuku" style of Shotokan karate preserves some of the more traditional self-defense aspects of karate in kata (forms).



Photo left (Left to right): Chief Instructor Te Rangi Winitana Sensei (Yon-Dan), Marie Winitana Sempai, Michael Algar Sempai, Delta Hill Sensei (San-Dan), Daniel McGill Sensei (San-Dan), and WRK Chief Instructor - Kyoshi Vern Winitana.

Whanake Rangataua Karate (WRK) Porirua branch re-opened its doors in 2012 with full support from Chief Instructors Vern Winitana Sensei, Te Rangi Winitana Sensei and other senior instructors in the area.  Other active WRK Clubs are located in Waiwhetu, Te Kao, and Te Teko.

Whanake Rangataua Porirua is non-profit and our instructors and administrators are volunteers.  Our trainings are held in the school hall to enable us to keep costs as low as possible and therefore affordable to everyone.  If you are interested in joining contact us for a full list of our fees.

Daniel McGill Sensei (San-Dan)

At just 12 years of age, Daniel McGill Sensei (Ngati Toa Rangatira and Ngati Raukawa descent) started his martial arts training with Whanake Rangataua under the leadership of Te Rangi Winitana Sensei.  He trained in both Paremata and Waitangirua dojo's and participated in numerous karate tournaments and championships between 1989 - 1993 securing first places in both Kata and Kumite.

Some 30 years on his passion and commitment to Whanake Rangataua and Shotokan (Kenkojuku) remains.  He believes that by partaking in a martial arts journey with WRK, students will better themselves in mind, body and spirit and increase their potential to succeed in whatever they choose to do.


Tama Tū Tama Ora Tama Noho Tama Mate
(Maori Proverb:  An active person will remain healthy while a lazy one will become sick.)

Sensei McGill